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Clean-Up Your Bookkeeping With Drive Accounting


Running a small business is difficult and you’re often wearing many hats. What small business owner hasn’t felt like they are juggling too many things at once? Unless you run an accounting firm, you didn’t go into business to do bookkeeping all day. Because of this, owners often put off accounting tasks because they are busy running their business and retaining and attracting new clients. 

Don’t feel you are in a unique situation. You are not alone. We’re here to help – and it’s been our main business focus since 2000.

It’s important to remember that good data leads to good decision making. Your bookkeeping will only be as good as the information you put into it. We understand that business owners can fall behind. It’s happened to us, and we very acutely understand the stress created and the pit in your stomach that you feel waiting for this to catch up with you. This is why we started Drive Accounting. 

Regardless of what’s got you here or how far behind you are, a change needs to happen and there’s a clean-up that needs to be done.


We pride ourselves on being experts with QuickBooks, accounting and business. It’s our expertise in these three areas that makes us stand out from our competitors. Our expertise helps fill in the gap between traditional bookkeeping/data entry and tax planning and strategy. 

We’ve helped hundreds of clients with bookkeeping clean-up and set up processes to help keep them updated moving forward. Whether you’re behind 6 months or 6 years, we’ve done it.

Our System

Using our proprietary process-driven system, we can analyze your information and document your accounting details. Drive Accounting is process-driven and has created a system to document each client’s accounting process. We run every client through this system and define what each party is responsible for so that items don’t get lost or fall through the cracks.

For all our clients, we have multiple reviewers, and all of our team members are cross-trained in each step of our process.

If you haven’t kept the best records for your business, this is where we can help. 

There are two main parts to a financial statement:

  • Balance Sheet 
  • Profit & Loss statement

Most bookkeepers are very comfortable with the Profit & Loss statement but often neglect the Balance Sheet. If every account on your Balance Sheet isn’t reconciled properly, your Profit & Loss is often incorrect and you may be making business decisions based on inaccurate and misleading information. By making certain your accounting is correct, we help our business owners make informed decisions about their businesses.

There’s the old adage: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Many business owners are balked because the project is too massive and they don’t know where to start. We break this process into small, manageable pieces. We will work with you to gather your records and information and bring them up to date to help you create the financial statements you need. 

We can be as detailed as needed, depending on what provides the most value to our client.

Aside from using this data to make informed decisions about your business, if you’re getting IRS notices about past-due taxes, requests from your bank for financials, or need to file for loans or grants, you’ll need your accounting brought up to date. Almost every client comes to us behind in some fashion and we partner with our clients’ CPAs to bring them current and keep them up to date.

Regardless of what got you here and how far behind you are, we’ve been there. We are passionate about helping our clients get caught up and put these issues behind them and we’ve built our company around doing exactly that. If you need some help and don’t know where you should start, reach out for a no-obligation consultation and we’ll talk through your situation together.