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The CPA Partner Program

Accurate and timely financials

We can guarantee clean, on-time books, because we’ve designed our processes to include precise tasks, timelines, and accountability controls, all backed by our project management software. We also customize these company processes
to fit each client’s unique needs.

Regular Communication is Key

Fostering communication between parties protects the client-CPA relationship and ensures there are no surprises come tax season. We keep you informed throughout the year with monthly calls to review joint clients and quarterly financials to facilitate tax planning and strategy.

Do More High-Level Accounting

You will receive clean books and therefore have more time for high-level accounting services. Our CPA Partners tell us they are more able to focus on profitable client requests such as planning and strategy. When you receive clean books, you are more profitable and clients have better information to run their businesses.

Become A CPA Partner

Referring clients to sub-par bookkeepers will damage your reputation and cause you to lose business.

Our CPA partners are eager to refer clients to us and most of our new business comes directly from them. We work hard to build trust and develop our relationships by taking care of both our clients and our CPAs. We form a unique synergy unlike anything else in the industry. You will never have to search for a quality bookkeeper again!