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Searching for Driven, Highly Qualified Bookkepers

Partner Programs

At Drive Accounting, we have spent years building some wonderful relationships with Intuit and with other service providers in our industry. These relationships have given us the opportunity to bring incredible value to our clients while building residual revenue on products and services.

Sharing Resources

Many of these programs have minimums to maintain which often bar smaller firms from participating and from offering this value to their clients. We have created the Driven Bookkeepers Network to help level the playing field so that these firms can offer similar value and build residual revenue, while assisting Drive to maintain these activity levels within the programs.


There is a serious lacking of community within our industry. At Drive, we believe in an attitude of abundance and know that there is more business out there for all of us than we could handle. We want to come together with other bookkeepers, to learn from and to support each other as we grow our businesses.

Quickbooks Solution Provider Program

As one of the few firms in the area that has been accepted into the QuickBooks Solution Provider Program, we are able to offer discounts and receive commissions on most Intuit products and services including QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Merchant Services, QuickBooks Payroll, and Hosted QuickBooks.

Other Partner Programs

No one company is a fit for everyone. We believe in having multiple arrows in our quiver so that we can pick the right solution for each client. To accomplish this,
we have developed similar relationships with other firms to bring multiple payroll, merchant services, and hosting solutions to the table for our clients and


Many firms have specific niches that they choose to focus in. At Drive, our team works with our bookkeeper partners to cover their overflow or to assist clients that are outside of their areas of focus. We also specialize in one-time clean-ups and conversions enabling our bookkeeping partners to focus on maintaining their client books.


When it’s time to transition to the next life or career stage, many bookkeepers find difficulty in walking away from what they’ve built and in transitioning their clients to new bookkeepers. Drive works with these bookkeepers to create a smooth transition for their clients while maintaining residual revenue for their business while they progress to the next stage.

We can’t wait to launch this partnership with you – contact us at [email protected]