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Here are some shortcuts that you can use when editing your files in QuickBooks! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Next day +
Previous day  – (minus key)
Today T
First day of the Week W
Last day of the weeK K
First day of the Month M
Last day of the montH H
First day of the Year Y
Last day of the yeaR R
Date calendar Alt + down arrow



Edit transaction selected in register Ctrl + E
Delete character to right of insertion point Del
Delete character to left of insertion point Backspace
Delete line from detail area Ctrl + Del
Insert line in detail area Ctrl + Ins
Cut selected characters Ctrl + X
Copy selected characters Ctrl + C
Paste cut or copied characters Ctrl + V
Increase check or other form # by one +
Decrease check or other form # by one  – (minus key)
Undo changes made in field Ctrl + Z



Account list, display Ctrl + A
Check, write Ctrl + W
Copy transaction in register Ctrl + O
Customer: job list, display Ctrl + J
Delete check, invoice, transaction, or list items Ctrl + D
Edit lists or registers Ctrl + E
QuickFill and Recall (type first few letters of name and tab, name fills in) abc Tab
Find transaction Ctrl + F
Go to register of transfer account Ctrl + G
Help in context, display F1
History of A/R or A/P transaction Ctrl + H
Invoice, create Ctrl + I
List (for current field), display Ctrl + L
Memorize transaction or report Ctrl + M
Memorized transaction list, display Ctrl + T
New invoice, bill, check, or item Ctrl + N
Paste copied transaction in register Ctrl + V
Print Ctrl + P
QuickReport on transaction or list item Ctrl + Q
Register, display Ctrl + R
Show list Ctrl + S
Use list item Ctrl + U
Transaction journal, display Ctrl + Y



To start QuickBooks w/o a company file Ctrl + double-click
To suppress the desktop windows at Open Company Window Alt (while opening)
Display info about QuickBooks F2
Cancel Esc
Record (always) Ctrl +