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On April 1, 2013 the WBF (Workers Benefit Fund) in Oregon will increase from 2.8 cents an hour worked to 3.3 cents per hour worked.  This adjustment should be done by your payroll service provider. If you are manually processing your own payroll, you will need to make this change.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us; we will be happy assist you. For those of you with Drive payroll, we have made the adjustments and it will be reflected on your first payroll of the 2nd Quarter.

Who is subject to the Workers Benefit Fund assessment?

Generally, an employer must report and pay the WBF assessment for all persons on its payroll that are or legally should be covered by workers´ compensation insurance in Oregon.

If Oregon law does not require workers´ compensation insurance but the employer chooses to provide coverage, the employer must report and pay the WBF assessment for all persons (including owners, officers, and non-subject workers) who are covered by the workers´ compensation insurance. Electing to provide coverage to persons for whom coverage is not required by Oregon law (“personal election”) triggers the employer’s liability to report and pay the WBF assessment for each covered person.